Theater Rebuilding Campaign


Why Rebuild Now?

If you picture an outdoor building exposed to the weather and the wear of thousands of patrons and artists entering its gates for almost 50 years, you will understand the condition of the beloved Solvang Festival Theater.  Never missing a note or step to bring you the best of entertainment, the theater urgently needs a renewed community investment.   For that reason, the IMAGINE! Building athe Future Capital Campaign seeks your support to ensure safety, accessibility, and structural integrity.  

Your donations will be used to replace building parts and infrastructure that have have reached the end of their lifespan and to correct deficiciencies in technical capacity, data capabilities, and power systems.  And, because the wonders of the theater should be accessible to all, ADA code compliance will be a priority.  

To accomplish this task requires rebuilding the large areas of the theater, and with this rebuilding comes an opportunity to enhance audience experience.  You will see, hear, and feel the difference brought about by a higher and acoustically designed outer wall, relocated sound and light controls, lighting columns meeting current standards, more and safer ramps and stairs, and more.  

Why Rebuild Now?  The future of the Solvang Festival Theater is in jeopardy.  Your action now will make a difference to your community and ensure the stage will light up for the generations to come.  



DONOR RECOGNITION  Supporters contributing over $500 will have their names on a prominent donor wall.  For information on current naming opportunities,   Click here.

ROYCE LEWELLEN MEMORIAL TOWER FUND  Click here for more information 

LEARN MORE For greater detail about the need to rebuild, changes to expect, and community impact,  Read On.
"This place is magic.  It's magic from the moment you walk through the gates, until you sit down in your seat, and wait for the lights to go down.  Then when the lights come up and you go home you think about the show you just saw.  It goes with you.  We need this magic in our world, we need this magic in our life, and we need this magic right here in the Santa Ynez Valley."  Kathleen Campbell, Capital Campaign Donor & Supporter of Solvang Theaterfest.